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Leaker reveals the PS-Plus

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Every month Sony distributes free games to PS Plus customers. A website already wants to know which games it is in October 2021. Already in the past she had had quite a right.

What games are there in October 2021?

Shortly after the PS plus games were announced for a month, fans are puzzling about them in the coming month. For weeks, PlayStation players reckon, for example, with the upcoming PS5 game brightly LET LOOSE, now seem to be on the internet but already all three games are leaked .

The information comes from the website Dealabs, a French forum that was already full of gold at Leaks . Nevertheless, it is important to enjoy the information with caution.

According to the website, in October 2021 waiting for PS plus subscribers The following games :

Bright Let Loose (PS5) Mortal Kombat X (PS4) PGA Tour 2K21 (PS4)

(Source: Dealabs)

Im Official trailers too bright Let Lote you can make a first impression of the game:

You can test PS plus for free

If you do not have a PS plus subscriber, but have played with the idea, you can also test the service for free.

The trial has a 14-day deadline . If you should not cancel, you will automatically go to a running, paid subscription with a monthly fee.

During the duration of the subscription, you have different possibilities and prices, where you get away at 12 months in price :

1 month costs 8.99 euros. 3 months cost 24.99 euros. 12 months cost 59.99 euros.

(Source: PlayStation)

PS plus you can also pick you up via Amazon:


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